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The roads are some of the horrendous places no matter how proficient driving skills you have. One can’t prognosis in advance that where they are going to meet something scary situation at the road while driving your car. Imagine a situation while you are riding a car and suddenly you experience blown tires and at once break fails these emergencies send shivers down to any one’s spines. Today we are here with some of the unfavorable situations and their solutions which one can encounter while riding a car on the road. The sole purpose of this blog is to prepare you to deal with such situations.

  • Unable to Get Clutch Back

Hopefully, you are aware of the reasons why this has happened. If you found yourself in such situation at once pop the hood to check the clutch fluid. Surely it will be low and now you need someone to go and get clutch oil for you.

  • When Hood Starts Smoking

If you notice something smoky in your car engine it does not mean fire all the times. There can be numerous other reasons for this smoke like it can be because of antifreeze, water, break fuel and oil etc. If the smoke is black, there is an extreme possibility that it is all because of oil.

If you are experiencing leakages do not be detached, running hot and pressurized engine. Do not drive in a condition while there is an emission of smoke from your vehicle because this smoke can create inconvenience for others who are driving with you at the road smoke results in blockage of views for them and can cause road accidents.


  • When Somebody Jumps out of a Pile at Once

It is the scariest thing that no one seriously does not want to meet with. Sometimes this situation pops up like a nightmare. The significant escape from the situation is staying alarmed and alert all the time while you are on the road. There are different studies which showed about the big number of accidents caused by arousal of such situation. The only solution for this problem is having a keen eye at the road so that immediate action can be taken to avoid the misfortune.

  • When You Stick to a High Steep Hill

This is something that is terrible and requires an adequate advanced preplanning, when such a situation arises it is quite challenging to put your feet on the brake to deal with such situation while driving, use of spare E-brake can be your safety net.

  • When Car Shuts off Promptly

It is the situation which we got to meet while alternator goes bad. Alternator is a device which resides inside the car which uses alternate current to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. This situation is easy to deal with if you are a little handy in mechanics and have a particular set of tools.

There may be some other reasons for shutting down of your car like a vacuum leak; a faulty fuel valve, a fuel pump etc. consider all these situations into consideration.

  • When Tire Blows Out

It is the situation which occurs now and if such situation strikes do not freak out and slow down the speed of your car. Just try to take your car to the side of the road and replace it safely.

  • In a Situation of Hydroplane

We know it is something that is really hard to handle, in such situation your first expression would be a scream but there is no use of such thing you just need to be patient and when skidding goes out of your control, your focus must be on brakes, take your foot off from the gas and brakes and make subtle steering movements. Do not panic because in this mental state one uses brake too hard and which make your car to skid even more.

All the situations explained in the article are so common that there will be hardly a driver who hasn’t go through one of them. Emanualonline Reviews is providing different manuals where you will get elaborated instructions and hacks that will be quite helpful for you maintain the longevity of your vehicle.

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